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How to plant money trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

4 months 6 days ago #48106 by Candy
Look for luminous spots on Animal Crossing Island. Players will find at least one such location every day. That is where the money tree must be planted. Players can complete tasks according to the prompts to Buy Bells Animal Crossing .

After the player finds the location, dig it with a shovel. This will generate 1000 bells. Now, open the inventory and take out 10,000 bells as items. Buried these bells in the newly dug place and saw a small bud grow out.

The above is all the things players need to do to plant a money tree. After this, the player can come back a few days later and get triple bells by shaking the tree. Planting Money Trees is an interesting and rewarding thing. If you want a lot of Bells, you can Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells directly from professional third-party platform.

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