Backup and Disaster Recovery

At IT3Tek, we offer a unified, cost-effective data protection solution for protecting physical, virtual, and SaaS environments. Simple to deploy and easy to manage, the IT3Tek solution supports scalable retention and offsite disaster recovery to a secure facility with as much Cloud Storage as needed or between sites for private replication.

With an extensive range of supported environments and integration with a secure, next-generation cloud file service to provide end-user access in a disaster that makes it easier for teams to share and access files from anywhere, organizations can replace multi-vendor solutions with IT3Tek backup. The IT3Tek backup can be deployed as a purpose built backup appliance or a virtual appliance for organizations that prefer to use existing hardware.

Backup Recovery

The IT3Tek solution is built on the Barracuda Cloud, and includes several features designed specifically to meet business requirements:

  • User Data Protection: Solution can be configured to protect files and folders on endpoints, such as individual computers and mobile devices. This makes it easier for SysAdmins to ensure that local drives are included in the disaster recovery strategy.
  • Enhanced Security: Solution uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure all data in transit to, and at rest in the Barracuda Cloud. Data that is locally stored on an endpoint becomes unavailable once users are logged out of the service.
  • On-Site Server: This appliance resides on-premises and “super-charges” the solutions experience. This is an optional appliance that can run alongside or replace your local file server. Here are the main features and benefits of running an On-Site Server:
    • Desktop Virtual Drive: Access your files with a desktop virtual drive that intelligently caches data on your local drive. This feature minimizes local disc storage requirements and ensures local access to files without the need to sync. The desktop virtual drive feature offers users an identical view of their files stored in the Barracuda cloud, even if the files and folders are not stored on the users’ local hard drives. Additionally, the desktop virtual drive feature helps preserve valuable storage space by not requiring that a file be synced locally to access it, a key differentiator from legacy sync-only services.
    • Local caching and decreased Internet bandwidth: Reduce the traffic between your network and the cloud with the local caching of the On-Site Server. This local cache cuts down on Internet use, increasing the speed of access and providing availability to your files on-premises during Internet outages.
    • Simplified Pricing: Pricing is simple and straightforward. Solution can be purchased by storage capacity without any per user fees. This is a great help to companies that do not need a lot of storage space, but have dozens of users who need secure access to those files.

Protect your SaaS and Cloud-Hosted Environments
SaaS is a great option for companies wanting highly scalable and redundant architectures to mitigate natural and mechanical failures, however there are inherent risks associated with cloud-hosted data. Human-caused data loss – be it intentional or accidental still exists as data can still be permanently deleted from cloud applications. The IT3Tek Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects businesses against data loss and accidental deletion in Microsoft Office 365.