Unified Communications

At IT3Tek we believe integrating your organization's communications will optimize business processes and increase user productivity. Unified Communications (UC) makes it easy for users to stay connected and share information, regardless of location.

This is accomplished through IP based communications technology such as 3CX or Microsoft Lync. Meaning you can add new employees, remote offices and teleworkers with minimal effort and expense, while ensuring your team has the communication tools needed to help your business succeed.

3CX and Lync’s UC capabilities are changing the way people work by integrating communications tasks currently performed with separate tools. Built on the powerful voice capabilities, 3CX and Lync simplifies communication with fully integrated video, instant messaging, video conferencing, advanced mobility, presence and collaboration capabilities. This allows on-site and remote users to see who is available, and select the best option for reaching them. Meaning employees spend less time tracking people down and spending more time on focusing on their job.

For businesses and other organizations, adopting a UC solution eliminates the need for multiple communications systems. In turn this optimizes business procedures and boosts communications by simplifying processes, making it easier for people to keep in touch.

Business phone systems and communications solutions have come a long way in the past decade, in particular with the shift towards IP-Based solutions offering UC features. As more companies look to move away from their old proprietary phone systems towards such solutions, the demand for UC features has grown. As recent research from Software Advice shows, 76% of small and medium sized¬ businesses are interested in purchasing a UC solution (Software Advice, 2014). One of the key reasons driving the adoption of UC solutions is the productivity gains which can be achieved, for all sizes and types of organizations.

Thanks to UC it is now possible for employees to participate in a web conference when working from home, receive voicemail messages to their email when travelling, and see whether their colleagues are available to take calls.

What’s more, UC applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated, a trend which is set to increase at an even faster pace with the emergence of WebRTC. WebRTC technology, enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser, adding a new dimension to Unified Communications.

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