IT Product Sales

IT3Tek is a reliable reseller of named brand Computer Hardware, Software and Networking Appliances in the Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland area.

Our partnership across a broad spectrum of companies including Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Barracuda and SonicWALL enables us to provide our customers with a complete set of hardware and software options at a fair price.

We keep it simple! Our certified technicians work with each customer and vendor to ensure the right equipment is purchased to meet the customer’s business needs. This is why we partner with a variety of like vendors, we understand that “one size doesn’t fit all”!

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Discounts available on the following products–

  • Dell and HP Servers, Desktops, Workstations and Laptops
  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Microsoft Operating Systems including Windows 7/8.1, Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012
  • Various Antivirus and Backup solutions
  • Routers, Switches, Access Points and Firewalls from Cisco
  • Firewalls from SonicWALL

Along with discounted products, we also provide a 1-year of service guarantee if the software or hardware is installed through us.

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