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The most important garment to put together a masculine outfit.

3 months 3 weeks ago #48128 by MattBurditt1
As the years go by the designs of some garments of our daily clothing are changing or new styles appear and with this also change many other garments so that they can combine and thus create a success.
Today we will talk about the styles that are fashionable in the present and also some that will never go out of fashion, we have in the market of clothing for men many types of designs but we will try to group and list as many as possible and provide a unique and informative post.

1.      Classic can also be beautiful (Classic Design):
Plain T-shirts without prints or details, of those garments that combine perfectly with both jeans and men's workout bottoms , we could list many types of combination because as time went by more and more possibilities were found.
Mostly we can see this type of T-shirts with round neck and combined with jeans and white sneakers although they have variations in both the neck and sleeves, the most important thing is that we can characterize them as a garment for lovers of simple and sophisticated things.

2.      We are lovers of the unconventional (Design with print):
Most T-shirts are designed with a wide variety of prints, but not everyone likes them.
This type of garment was created because it provides us with a greater number of combinations with men's workout bottoms , sneakers or shoes, not to mention jackets, jackets and sneakers that also have a patterned design.
Many of these garments not only have prints on the front of the t-shirt but also on the back making the outfit style of the person who decides to get one of these men's fashion t shirts much more original and controversial to the rest.

3.      Some of us are detail-oriented (embroidery design):
Although mostly this design is more expensive than the rest of fashion t-shirts for men, there is a great demand in the market for this type of article, since it offers a quality of detail and aesthetics much better than the previous ones.
You can find this embroidery mostly in the brand logos printed on the t-shirts, but there are also a variety of options where the embroidery is present in many other places such as on the sleeves and can appear even at the bottom.

4.      We get more demanding (Mixed Design):
These are the t-shirts that we see and call our attention a lot, there are many varieties of combinations but we can see them carrying in its print or embroidery the logo of a sports team or a classic brand for this type of men's fashion t shirts .

These are the T-shirts that combine both print and embroidery in their design, creating a unique style that we love to wear with sport shorts or sport pants.
Mostly we can see this type of design in t-shirts with light fabrics as in many occasions it can disturb the design of embroidery and prints together or add a lot of weight to the t-shirt and make it uncomfortable to wear.

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