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3 months 3 weeks ago #48125 by MattBurditt1
Fashion is still under the developmental phase where we can all observe that it is changing continuously. Men's fashion for many decades has only been designed to show their muscles and biceps. Even when men’s tactical clothing came into existence they were still developed to show manliness this is also one of the reasons why men’s crop tops started to lose their reputation. Many started to believe that straight men won’t be wearing such girly clothes theory this thing started somewhere around the 80s and still many people believe it.
Even like most of the styles which fall and never men’s crop tops had the familiar stage but they still saw the light of development in recent years. Even guess what they are comfortable and the best style for your summer looks. Since the pandemic situation started many online shopping windows again planned to start the trend of these crop tops and guess what? They took the internet by storm. There were many controversial and sensitive topics been spoken about this while some conversations just ended with the single fact that these tops are showing just a couple inches of midriff and nothing wrong can be seen.

Like T-shirt and jeans crop top is also the basic type of informal wear. In the present situation, many social media platforms have revolutionized the bad belief in clothing to be reduced to a great extent. Even though they still don't have much popularity like casual clothes for men but many are still trying to adjust with it even for the fact they don’t like the clothing material. In short to be speaking these tops surely carry the burden of our sexuality and gender.

This piece of clothing was not even considered taboo because many used and believed it to be connected to sports or the person who is deeply into athletics. This in secret boosted every men's physique. Clothing has become a complex factor for gender identities that have started to rise in society.

For no doubt, toxic masculinity still exists in society a simple example can be many of the disturbing comments under the different clothing pieces or even about their posts on social media. But for the fact changes do not happen in a night they need to have the proper time and people start to change their mindset one after the other.

Re-discovering of fashion that everyone needs to have at this instant of time maybe about the tactical clothing or crop tops. They are nothing but the piece of clothing's that have been designed to look in such a way and we human beings living in the 21st century try to link them exclusively with our choice. These choices may be anything our religion, likings, gender identity, and many such things. In the era where everything is developing, there is nothing wrong with being a part of this development even who knows some were inspired by us and change their thinking about the clothing. Be someone who can influence others minds rather than following them

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