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How dangerous are the risks of PTSD?

1 month 3 days ago #44494 by Busba1122
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a post-traumatic psychological disorder. It is a psychological condition that can occur after a serious physical and psychological accident that can happen to any age.

PTSD Post-Dangerous Mental Disorders How often can it be found?
Prof. Phanom Ketman, a psychiatrist from Psycho-Neuropsychiatric Clinic, stated that “PTSD is the fourth most common symptom of all psychiatric diseases. 18.3 each in women.The disease was known after doctors found psychological symptoms in war-torn veterans. Or a friend has died "

“PTSD can also be found in all severe events. Or other situations such as natural disasters, accidents or mass accidents Physical or sexual assault Sexual abuse, rape, torture of children in violent households People in war Or more terrorism in the future Threats that are far beyond the normal ones that people face All can cause PTSD as well. Later studies have found that Most people are likely to experience at least one disaster in their life and 25% of those who suffer from it will develop PTSD. " SUPERWALLET

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