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Does "sleep with my eyes closed" caused by anything dangerous or not?

1 month 4 days ago #44491 by Busba1122
You readers have noticed yourself. Or is there someone close to you saying that When you sleep, readers have Sleep without closed eyes, which is a problem that can occur to many people, even those close to us may be experiencing this problem. But what is the cause of the symptoms of sleeping and eyes closed? And is there a way to cope? Hello, the doctor has some interesting information on symptoms. I sleep and my eyes are not completely closed.

What is sleep and eyes closed completely?
When it comes to sleeping symptoms, but my eyes are not completely closed. Many people may understand that it is insomnia. I slept but my eyes still forgot. Which in fact is When I sleep, my eyes are closed normally. But the eyelids cannot be closed completely. In which this condition should not be trusted Because although it does not cause serious harm, but the symptoms of sleeping with the eyes cannot be closed completely Can cause eye health problems such as dry eyes, the risk of dust entering the eyes. Eye irritation Risk of infection to the eye There may be a scratch on the cornea. Or a wound on the cornea SUPERWALLET

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