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Infectious disease "Nipah virus", a deadly virus disease Still without a vaccine

1 month 1 week ago #44485 by Busba1122
New coronavirus outbreak 2019 causes COVID-19 Today there are more than 40 million people worldwide and over a million deaths. The disease has made people more alert about viral infections. And know that some viruses can be transmitted from animals to people as well But in addition to the new coronavirus 2019, there is another virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans as well, the Nipah virus. That caused the Nipah virus infection At present there is no specific drug and vaccine. And can be fatal

Hello, the doctor will take you to know more about this disease.

What is Nipah virus infection?
Nipah virus infection is an infectious disease from zoonotic disease caused by Nipah virus (NiV), a virus belonging to the group of parasites. (Paramyxovirus) in addition to being transmitted from animals to people The disease can also be spread through food or water contaminated with the Nipah virus. Or can be contacted from person to person as well Infection with the Nipah virus can result in a wide variety of symptoms. Since infection asymptomatic Acute respiratory disease To encephalitis that can be life threatening

The first epidemic of the Nipah virus was spread in 1999, with the first cases of infection being a group of pig farmers in the village of Sungai Nipah, Malaysia. Before the disease spreads to other areas Including Singapore Most of the patients were infected by touching or consuming infected meat, such as pork, and more than 40% of the patients were hospitalized for severe neurological disease. Until finally causing death

Subsequent outbreaks occurred in India and Bangladesh. Caused by the patient touching or consuming fresh fruit Or processed fruit such as dates contaminated with urine or the saliva of bats infected with the Nipah virus. SUPERSLOT

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