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Half crooked face The risk of nerve disorders

1 month 2 weeks ago #44478 by Busba1122
If your parents raise your child with a mobile phone May develop weakness Half face, crooked face, eyes not closed tightly, mouth crooked, water flowing at the corners of the mouth And may not speak clearly Abnormal taste in the tongue As a result of abnormal seventh cranial nerves
Palsy or half-face (Bell's palsy)
Dr. Somsak Akasil, Director-General of the Medical Department, revealed that Bell's palsy is a condition in which one of the facial muscles weakens or causes temporary paralysis. It is caused by inflammation of the facial nerve. Resulting in the face half distorted This is the result of the seventh pair of facial nerves or cranial nerves located on each face that supports facial muscle movements such as smiling, frowning or closing your eyes, as well as feeling the taste from the tongue and transferring it to the brain. Inflammation affects the taste, production of tears and salivary glands. A crooked mouth is an immediate health problem. And usually happens within 48 hours.
The cause of the inflammation of the nerves is not yet known. But it may be due to a viral infection that causes mouth curls like shingles, so less rest. Or playing on a mobile phone for a long time Therefore, it is not a direct cause of hemiplegic facial muscle disease.
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