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We talked about RuneScape

4 months 3 days ago #48119 by Bestmengqin
The Shantai passes allow you to get into OSRS Items the port-sarim jail and stay there. You can ask someone to bring in novices. I often inform them that they could obtain the Key by giving Donuts to the sleeping guard or killing rats.

Dress in a way that resembles the image of God and then provide someone you know who is a 'believer' of your 'godliness' would wear; get your friend in the 'believer' cloth, and lure a noob (no more than lvl 17) into your location. Try to persuade the noob that he is a Chosen and then offer him an extra set of clothes. If all goes well, you may be able convince the novice that you have 'imbued the person with supernatural powers. This trick can be extremely effective; it lasted me 3 months.

Start an evening train ride with all your friends, with you as the leader. Start following a disreputable and rude novice. or something similar. If he objects to you adhering to him, invite all your friends to rant and rave about it. Most noobs are so mad they offer to bribe you. You can post more!

So, I'm currently on a mission to achieve 40 range for Ikov so I can hunt for desert treasure. I was trained by rock crabs. Due to the cannons at rock crabs I was able to switch worlds. I met my buddy and we walked across the border to Kelda. I met new people and we talked about school. Then I revealed to my friends that I had married the sandwich lady, Ellemaria the queen of Buy OSRS Fire Cape divorce, and that I dated Gertrude. They all left, and then more people joined.

We talked about RuneScape. One person believed that Lilyuffie was dead. One person believed that Lilyuffie had died. Another man asked what old nite was left after he died.

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